I recently wrote a guest post for Digital Worship in which I highlighted that social media is not a replacement for real life friendships and support. Simultaneously, I was really struggling with being alone. I moved house at the end of September and as much as I enjoy my own space, it has been incredibly lonely in the interim before the other girls move in. For a variety of reasons, things have been a bit wobbly recently but this has definitely been compounded by spending too much time alone.

For a week or so, my good friend Rich has been rather persistently trying to get me to visit or allow him to come and visit me. Even using said blog post to point out that I knew what I needed, as much as I was denying myself it! This weekend, I eventually relented and he came to spend the weekend in Brighton, it may not have fixed everything but it definitely meant I got some TLC and had to think a little less about looking after myself.

Aside from getting locked out of the house, it was a fantastic weekend. A long walk on the beach, lots of good food, some worship, a fair amount of relaxing on the sofa , church this morning (along with inevitably therapeutic baby snuggles!) and he's left me with enough portions of food in the freezer to last the very busy week that lies ahead.We've only been close friends for a few months, yet he knows me well enough to realise that I was stuck and that practical support would benefit me far more than words on a computer screen. 

Tonight, I feel inevitably deflated. Tomorrow is the beginning of an incredibly busy working week and prior to annual leave I was finding work difficult. However, I'm being gentle with myself, spending the evening curled up on the sofa with TV and my bible/journal for company, ready for an earlyish night and to hopefully do what I can to start the week with a positive mindset.



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