Last week, I read Disabled Medic's wonderful blog on the NHS. Today, I logged on to Twitter to find #ILoveOurNHS trending.65 years on and we are in the process of losing our wonderful health service - I don't profess to knowing the politics or exact plans - I was never good at that kind of stuff. All I know is the anecdotal evidence of  healthcare professionals on Twitter, the dumbed down, sensationalised newspapers and the odd blog here and there. It's made me realise how much we'll miss the NHS if and when it's gone for good.

The NHS has employed my Mum ever since I was born - giving us a stable income, allowing her career progression and she now works in a job that she loves despite the long hours. She's been a radiographer, a sonographer and now she manages a triple A screening programme. I am so proud of how hard my Mum works and that she's able to do it for an organisation such as the NHS.

The NHS has looked after each member of my family at one point or other - from Caesarean sections, to stitches, to reattaching a finger and pinning bones back together. Oncology, orthopedics, cardiology, ENT, neurology, endocrinology, respiratory, intensive care and more. Both acute care and ongoing outpatient care. All free at the point of access.

At 21, I'm still pretty young yet I've already had my fair share of NHS treatment. As a child I was prone to tonsillitis and UTI's.  As a teen I saw a paediatrician, due to recurrent fainting. I was under the care of mental health services for about 4 years. The NHS has been there for me at my weakest moments. When my heart rate is over 200bpm or when I'd lost all hope for my future...the NHS treated me with respect and dignity and helped me to get better.

Today, I see my GP regularly, every month or two. I am under cardiology and endocrinology for regular follow up. I've also had recent contact with neurology. All of this care has enabled me to get my POTS under control. My mental health is the best it's been in years. My physical health is the most stable it's been in a long time.

I am so proud to say that I am now embarking on my journey as an NHS employee. To be another cog in the wheel of such an incredible organisation. To work for an organisation that from the outset has talked about career progression and the potential to train as a nurse in a few years time.

We'll miss the NHS when it's gone. We should do everything we can to save it.


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