Music Monday.

So it's been a bad. But today is New Years Eve so it seems fitting to choose a song that has been a bit of anthem for me this year. And the winner is:

Kingdom Come - Beth Croft

It's a song from Soul Survivor this year and sums up my year perfectly. 2012 probably wins the award for the worst year of my life. Don't get me wrong, there have most definitely been highlights but there have been so many totally crap things happen that I'm not sad to see it go and welcome in 2013!

The lyrics to this song are just perfect, this year has been so tough and at times it has felt so hopeless, but I'm still here, I still have most of my health, I still have all of my faith. In fact, if anything my faith is stronger.

Even when the waters rise/ And the waves are crashing over/ We're hard pressed on every side/ But won't give up the fight/ Surely you are holding on

Father let Your Kingdom come/ Your will be done on earth/ Saviour can You hear us call/ We trust you are enough

Standing in Your victory/ Calling on the name of Jesus/ We won't stop until we see/ Surely You have overcome

To be thrown into flames and still to say/ My God He saves/ My God He saves/ To see suffering and pain and still to say/ My God He reigns.

 My plan for New Year this year has changed multiple times. I was going to London to see the fireworks with Sarah, I was going to London and spending it at Becca's flat, and up until about an hour ago, I was spending it alone in my house. Now, I'm once more going to London and reuniting with a friend from sixth form and we're going to watch the fireworks. I'm excited!

I decided not to go to London because of POTS, because it's suggested I don't go to crowded places, that I don't stand for too long. But today, I feel good. I've got a really sore neck and back for some unknown reason, but my heart feels good, great even. No chest pain, no palpitations so why shouldn't I go and enjoy the New Year in London. After feeling poorly again just a few weeks ago, I know I need to make the most of the times when I'm symptom I'm going to London. I have POTS, but I also have a life and I'm going to live it.

So I'm off to wrap up in a million layers and tidy the house before hopping on a train to tick an item off of my bucket list...see you all in 2013!



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