Placement and POTS.

So...I have made lots of online friends who also have dysautonomia and POTS. A lot of them feel pretty hopeless and it's sad to see that some are losing hope that they can achieve and get their life back. Some have even suggested I'm taking on too much by attempting such an intense Uni. degree and that I might as well give up now. However, I refuse to lose hope and I hope that my experiences of placement whilst relatively stable might help bring some hope back to them.

Bright and early this morning!
Today was my first day. I made a few mistakes POTS wise but it's okay, I'll learn and get it better tomorrow. So, in one short day the things I have learned about POTS and placement:

  1. Fluids. I completely forgot to drink when I usually drink upwards of 3 litres a day. By 5pm, I'd probably had no more than 600mls.  Consequently, I have the most horrific headache (to the point where I've thrown up) and my blood pressure is a rather measly 90/61. Tomorrow will involve a water bottle!
  2. Fatigue. My school has 3 storeys. As I get to know the school better I'll be able to plan what I'm doing and where I'm going to avoid any necessary running up and down flights of stairs! Plus, leaving the house 5 minutes earlier so as not to power walk up the hill. I felt pretty fatigued by 4pm and it's only day one so I'm going have to really try and keep on top of things.
  3. Food. Have some form of breakfast rather than waiting until I'm starving and can't have anything because I'm in the middle of a lesson!
All in all, it was a pretty good day. I'm exhausted but can't seem to sleep so having some chill time watching iPlayer (and catching up on all the fluids I didn't drink today!). The best bit?

I recently started on sustained release propranolol as opposed to fast acting and it seems to have really got a hold on the tachycardia. Stairs and hills are still a challenge but that's partly fatigue. Standing up though, I'm barely tachycardic which is a huge improvement on a few months ago. And at rest I'm averaging around 70bpm, so completely normal :) I fully expect to still have bad days, that's unfortunately one of the realities of POTS but I am so so grateful for stability the majority of the time.

Like I said previously...I won't be posting much about the placement itself, the children or the school but I definitely want to keep blogging as much as I have time for. So maybe no hiatus after all...



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